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Video: Vera Fabric Sleeper Sofa

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Vera Fabric Sleeper Sofa

Length: 1:16 Added: Jun-14 Views: 128560

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] The VERA Fabric Sofa Bed with Storage is an elegantly styled, multi-positional, convertible sofa designed for those seeking functionality and sophistication. Perfectly sized for the classic family room, bedroom, or office, this trendy unit features two different positions for sitting and sleeping, along with a convenient storage compartment. Relax and enjoy the comfort provided by the padded pillow-top to sit, relax, or sleep. This sofa bed with storage offers not only style and convenience but also quality in all areas. Its durable wood base and legs in combination with easy to clean polyester upholstery will be the best part of your space for years to come. Bring comfort, class, and functionality into the center of your space with the VERA Fabric Sofa Bed with Storage. [MUSIC PLAYING] Abbyson, makers of the living experience.