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Video: Saint Rhean 3pc Fabric Set

Saint Rhean 3pc Fabric Set - Video Gallery
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Saint Rhean 3pc Fabric Set

Length: 1:41 Added: Oct-5 Views: 8802

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Classic design combined with luxurious comfortable seating. Presenting the Saint Rhean fabric set by Abbyson. This sleek transitional look will bring style, quality, and extreme comfort to any home's decor. This designer set offers versatile furniture pieces that will be the highlight of any living space. Upholstered with polyester fabric, Saint Rhean's uniquely designed teal blue color was hand-selected and built to last. Its carefully designed seating provides the perfect balance of underlying support and comfortable living. Each seat cushion consists of a high density polyurethane seat core with a fiber blend topping, creating an extremely soft, supportive, and pillow-like feel. Additionally, the back cushions are reversible to ensure consistency and provide even wear. Finally, this set features, additional support for the lower back with the lumbar accent pillows, providing one per seat, and tall, elegantly constructed wood legs finished in a rich walnut brown to contrast the teal blue fabric. In casual family rooms or classy contemporary apartments, the Saint Rhean fabric set by Abbyson provides the comfortable solution you've been looking for. [MUSIC PLAYING]