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Length: 1:44 Added: Feb-11 Views: 499

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Video featuring products available on

This is my office. [MUSIC PLAYING] Great outdoors, it's mother nature at its finest here in the 10,000 islands. There's nothing else like it anywhere in the world. That's the best way to explore, jet ski or boat rentals. Probably the most unique, exotic, beautiful place that you're going to see in southwest Florida. Pull up anywhere. You got your own little piece of paradise down here. It's special. We have a New Zealand-style jet boat up here that takes you out for a thrill. And getting out on the water in southwest Florida is unlike anywhere else. Going to see all kinds of birds, wildlife, bald eagles, dolphins. [MUSIC PLAYING] We give you everything you need to fish with. You just got to show up and have a good time. All my captains are all local. They've been fishing these waters their entire life. And they know how to go and catch fish. It's their livelihood. They thrive on it. They're good at it. Beautiful Keewaydin Island. Only way to get here is by boat. You can rent boats from us, or we can give them to you with a captain. Nature is everywhere down here. No matter what trip you go with us, so many different places to go and just immerse yourself in nature and just be one with nature. You can walk down the beach, pick up shells. You can lay out in the sun, go for a swim. Really just amazing out here, it's spectacular. Part of it, it has four winter estates up there. The Marina at Edison Ford, we're running history and eco tours. Sunset Cruises, they're only an hour and a half trip. Look down on the cruise, and the sun sets off in the distance. The Double Sunshine, it's been flying these waters 20 years now. It's an icon. Everyone knows it. It's really just an amazing trip. We get people coming back time and time again. You can find your own little piece of paradise all by yourself out here. Come explore with Pure Florida. Seize the day. [MUSIC PLAYING]