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Video: Ka'anapali Beach Hotel

Ka'anapali Beach Hotel - Video Gallery
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Ka'anapali Beach Hotel

Length: 2:11 Added: Feb-27 Views: 8638

Ka'anapali Beach Hotel, Maui Hawaii


Ka'anapali Beach Hotel, Maui Hawaii

[UPBEAT INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] Aloha! Welcome to Kaanapali Beach Hotel, Hawaii's most Hawaiian hotel. Known for our Hawaiian culture, cuisine, and aloha spirit, when our guests come and visit us, they feel like they've come home. Our guests are our ohana, our family. Here we show them aloha at its best. [SOUND OF UKULELE'S PLAYING] See how easy that is? Let's do this tune. (SINGING) Aloha is a word that has so many meanings, like saying "hello" and "goodbye!" Aloha! Alooo-- ha! (SINGING) And I hope you're feeling all right. But most of all it's a feeling from within. It makes me feel so good inside. 'Cause aloha means with all our love, all my love. Alooo-- ha. Aloha! Aloha! Beautiful-- freshest ingredients with unique flavors, and we cook with aloha. (SINGING) --aloha if you're looking for love and pleasure! Aloha! Aloha! Aloha is ichiban! (SINGING) --helping hand. You gotta sing aloha, alo-oh-ooo--ha, the heartbeat of this land. Aloha. Aloha! We look forward to welcoming you soon. So you can experience-- Hawaii's best! (SINGING) --of this land. Aloha!