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Video featuring products available on

I remember so well the first time I tasted it. Dad had decided to stop to say hello to an old friend, we were coming back from the shore. Children, would you like to have a snack? The kind man asked us. Annliese and I had been playing on the beach all day, we could not wait. The fragrancy of that prosciutto surrounded me. It slices were so tender and I remember their warm color that I had never seen before. My father's friend explained that his taste was born from the perfect balance of four elements, earth, water, air, and fire. My imagination ran wild. In the heart of Italy, in a natural park nestled between the hills of Pesaro and Urbino, elevated above the coast, is Carpena, an ancient village founded in 962 AD. Only in this extraordinary landscape can a unique prosciutto be born, the Carpena prosciutto, unlike any other shelter in the world. The waters of the Adriatic sea bring us the sweet Cervia salts that are essential in the curing process, a precious ingredient to enhance its aromatic flavors. The sea line winds of the sea reach Carpena and merge with unique air currents from the mountains, forming an ideal climate for the perfect aging process. All the rest is accomplished by ardor of ingenuity and perseverance and the patience to wait for just the right moment. Through it all, the work of a centuries old tradition is repeated with precision and constancy. The uniqueness of Carpena prosciutto begins with the Cervia salt used in the curing process. This ancient natural preservative, unlike the other sea salts, gives the prosciutto an incredible sweetness. Once the salt is removed, the prosciutto are set aside to rest, and so there begin to slowly lose their moisture. The temperature which all of this takes place, together with the Cervia salt, is one of the secrets of Carpena prosciutto and is the key to the tenderness of each slice. The pre-curing environment creates the ideal conditions for the aging of the prosciutti. Of all the unique characteristics of Carpena prosciutto, the coating, or stucco, is perhaps the most unique. Skilled curing artisans spread a thin blend of flour and spices that is enriched with noble fat. The spices also penetrate deeply into the meat, infusing it with unique aromas and flavors. Well of course, the ancient recipe of Carpena stucco remains a secret. In our aging cellars, earth, water, air, and fire are at the service of time. Months of patient waiting allow the four elements to achieve a perfect balance in the final product. And how do we know when the prosciutto is ready? This is not a secret. It is all in the skill and fitness of the curing artisans. Only they can decide whether time has achieved its work. This is a ritual task that remains unchanged through the centuries. Now the prosciutto has truly become a Carpena prosciutto. The best prosciutto in the world is ready for its next trip. [MUSIC PLAYING] A Lifetime has gone by since that snack break of many years ago, and like me, Carpena prosciutto has come far away from home. So many Italian prosciutti have been produced and shipped throughout the world, but only one is really like this. Carpena, the one and only. [MUSIC PLAYING]