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Video: Hurston 3pc Collection

Hurston 3pc Collection - Video Gallery
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Hurston 3pc Collection

Length: 0:48 Added: Nov-29 Views: 9207

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

These intriguing rugs will refresh any space in your home. The elegant designs are inspired by 19th century Persian classics, updated for todays’ more casual lifestyle. Woven of soft, lustrous polyester fibers, the yarns are enhanced with a special dyeing technique that adds a high fashion, vintage appeal. Sold as a 3 piece set, they make decorating easy. Used together, they connect and transform any room into a decorator showcase. Or use separately: in hallways, doorways, bedside, anywhere, to link your decor. Colors available include…..Grey….Cream……Denim Blue….and warm Terra.