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Video: Englewood Adjustable Programming Procedures

Englewood Adjustable Programming Procedures - Video Gallery
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Englewood Adjustable Programming Procedures

Length: 2:28 Added: Nov-8 Views: 50

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Video featuring products available on

When you get your Adjustable Base home, it will be factory programed for one remote control to operate one base. If reprogramming is required, perform the following steps. Plug the base into a working, grounded electrical outlet. Press and hold the Learn button on the control box. While holding the Learn button, simultaneously press and hold the Head Down and Foot Up buttons on the remote control, until you hear an audible sound. [BEEP] Then, release. Your remote should now be programmed to operate your base. Press the Head Up or Foot Up button on the remote to verify base function. If you would like to synchronize one or two remote controls to operate two bases in tandem for a king mattress setup, perform the following steps. Note, make sure both bases are flat before beginning the procedure. Plug both adjustable bases into a working, grounded electrical outlet. Operate both remote controls to verify each remote functions properly with its respective base. Note, see 1-to-1 programming procedure if bases do not operate. Using the remote controls, adjust both bases to flat position. Unplug both bases from the electrical power source and wait 30 seconds. Choose base 1 remote. Retain base 2 remote control as a spare or use it if two remotes are desired to operate both bases. Position both bases on their sides, in close proximity to each other. Caution, at least two people are recommended for handling and moving adjustable bases. Locate the sync cable. Plug one end of the sync cable into the sync port of the control box on base 1. Plug the other end of the sync cable into the sync port of the control box on base 2. Turn both bases over so they are resting on their legs. Caution make sure the cable is free of any pinch points. Plug both basses into a working, grounded electrical outlet. Operate the bases to verify they operate simultaneously. One or two remote controls are now programmed to operate two bases. Note, to revert back to 1-to-1 programming, remove the sync cable from the control boxes.