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Video: Athens Golden Bronze S-Shaped Chandelier With Heirloom Grandcut Crystal

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Athens Golden Bronze S-Shaped Chandelier With Heirloom Grandcut Crystal

Length: 5:48 Added: Mar-11 Views: 3410

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Video featuring products available on

This is the assembly video for the Athens S shaped crystal chandelier. Begin by unpacking all parts onto a smooth work surface. Please make sure to turn off the power to the room from the breaker before beginning assembly. First, unwrap the main body and remove the screws holding the top plate. Take the wired bender out from inside the main body, then use the nut to fascinate it into a standing position. We recommend tightening the nuts as much as possible. Unpacking the remaining benders, remove the nuts from the rounded ends and mount them onto the remaining slots in the same fashion as the first. The short benders should go in the slot closest to the center, while the long benders in the slots near the edges. Next, reattach all the screws holding the top plate, turning each until they are absolutely secure. With the plate secured, now join the benders with the round centerpiece. Thread the pipe of the wired bender, pulling the wire through in the process, then line up the remaining benders with the other holes in the centerpiece. Afterwards, make sure to use the included nut to secure the pipes on the top of the benders in the same way as you did on the bottom. Next, we will join the frame's wires to the main set of wires. Taking the top half of the decorative centerpiece, join the two pairs live to live and neutral to neutral. Cover the connection with plastic caps and electrical tape, then tuck them inside the space as you reassemble the centerpiece. Making sure the threaded pipe pushes through the bottom of the centerpiece, use the decorative cap to secure it, screwing in until it will no longer turn. In this section, we will cover installing our canopies. Your packaged canopy might look different, but they are assembled in the same way. After identifying the canopy components, begin by removing the nut lock and cover from the crossbar. Mount the crossbar to your electrical box using the screws from your box. Then you may reattach the cover and nut lock, then hang the chain. But leave the nut lock at its lowest height for now. If the crossbar's pipe is preventing the crossbar from sitting flush against the box, we recommend having the pipe cut to length before continuing with installation. After weaving your chandelier's wires up through the chain, thread them through the loop and central pipe into the canopy. Pull both the house wires and chandelier wires from the side of the cover to connect. Ground to ground, live to live, neutral to neutral. After the connections have been made, cover with plastic caps and electrical tape, then tuck back inside the canopy and use the nut lock to lift the cover until it is flush against the ceiling. Now, following the included diagram from Letter A, attach every crystal to the frame, threading the pins through each hole and pinching them closed. Assembly is now complete. Enjoy your new crystal chandelier, courtesy of Lighting by Picasso.