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Video featuring products available on

Add a level of luxury to your room with something as simple as a rug pad. Not just to prevent slippage, a rug pad can actually help protect your flooring from color transfer and scratching that can be caused by rough rug backing. Rug pads provides stability, keeping your rug in place, and cushion for a more comfortable feel underfoot. Mohawk rug pads can even be cut with scissors to match the exact size and shape of your rug for your convenience. It is recommended to cut the rug pad one inch smaller than the rug to allow the rug to taper to the floor, eliminating edge curling and the tripping hazard. Adding a rug pad will add a luxurious layer of softness and comfort to your floor. Now you can enjoy your rug knowing that your rug pad is protecting from everyday wear by providing a soft, supportive cushion that keeps the rug securely in place. [MUSIC PLAYING]