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Video: HomeZone LED Motion Sensor Security Light

HomeZone LED Motion Sensor Security Light - Video Gallery
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HomeZone LED Motion Sensor Security Light

Length: 1:23 Added: Nov-1 Views: 82438

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Introducing The HomeZone LED Motion Sensor Security Light. With a 240 degree sensor range, this light protects your home or business with reliable performance and a wide coverage area. The powerful 2,500 lumen output is bright enough to deter any unwanted intruders. Installation of the HomeZone Security Light is quick and easy. Attach the gasket and mounting bracket over your existing junction box. Connect the wires. Install the light fixture and attach the decorative cover. Then caulk around the canopy with a silicone sealant to protect from moisture. To customize your protection, adjust the lamps to the desired direction and aim the motion sensor head. Tilt down for shorter coverage, or up for longer coverage. The dials on the bottom can fine tune how long the light stays on, motion sensitivity, and ambient light sensitivity. Additionally, by flipping the switch on, off, on quickly, you can bypass the motion sensor function and turn it into an always-on floodlight. Utilizing energy efficient LED technology, this security light is perfect for residential, commercial, or any other location, providing extra security and peace of mind. The HomeZone LED motion sensor security light, available exclusively at Costco.