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Video: 61611q_series_adjustable_base_video_final_540p_costco.mp4

61611q_series_adjustable_base_video_final_540p_costco.mp4 - Video Gallery
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Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

A good night's sleep, it's a thing you need, like food, air, or Wi-Fi. But for the best night's sleep, you'll need a bed that finds your most comfortable position, not the other way around. The Sleep Science Q Series Adjustable Base lets you sit up, lie flat, or relieve stress in a zero-gravity position. Even the height is easily adjustable. Impressed? Of course you are. With fast delivery and easy setup, soon every night's sleep will be a good night's sleep. He knows what's up. The Sleep Science Q Series Adjustable Base, a good night's sleep your way.