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Video: Costco Services costs for processing your card transactions

Costco Services costs for processing your card transactions - Video Gallery
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Costco Services costs for processing your card transactions

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Video featuring products available on

Sometimes the credit and debit card payment process can feel like an unexplained and confusing series of rates and small print. We get that and are happy to help shed some light on what can be a complex pricing topic. It's helpful to understand the two main types of fees that make up the bulk of the cost for processing your card transactions. First, assessments are fees paid directly to the card brands for maintaining, operating and managing their payment processing network. Think Visa, MasterCard, Discover, et cetera. The second are interchange fees, which are paid to the issuing banks for the particular cards you've accepted as a form of payment. These fees help cover the costs associated with offering credit and monitoring fraud mitigation. So when a credit or debit card is accepted by your business, there are a number of different interchange and pricing levels set by the card networks at which the card transaction might qualify. First, the type of card involved, such as corporate, premium, rewards, standard, debit or PIN debit each qualifies for acceptance at a different interchange fee level. Second, the type of business you operate, such as retail, lodging, restaurant or health care, to name a few, carry an assigned interchange level. And finally, how you process the card transaction affects the interchange acceptance rate. Is the card actually present? Or is the card not present, as with an e-commerce or phone order? To summarize, the amount you pay for assessments and interchange fees are set by the card networks and the card issuers to help cover their costs associated with their end of the payment process and to allow your payment transaction to occur. Approximately 90% of the cost for each transaction goes directly towards interchange and assessments and consequently, the card networks and their card issuers. We work behind the scenes, providing safe, reliable and speedy transaction processing, extensive customer service and assistance, along with some of the fastest funding in the industry so you can stay focused on your customers and growing your business.