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Video: Aniko Bamboo Bedroom Collection

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Aniko Bamboo Bedroom Collection

Length: 1:17 Added: Feb-18 Views: 3046

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I'm David from Epoch Design. And I'd like to share with you the Aniko Bedroom Collection. The Aniko Bedroom Collection is constructed entirely of solid bamboo, one of the planet's most eco-friendly materials. But did you know that bamboo, when properly prepared, is actually harder than oak? Not only is bamboo sustainable and strong, its natural variation in strand color creates exquisite tones, making it an ideal material for stunning designs. The Aniko Bedroom Collection reveals clean lines, low profiles, subtle reliefs, and a true, natural beauty. Ultra-high quality construction is standard throughout the Aniko Collection, with mortise and tenon joinery on all of the structural elements and English dovetails on all of the drawers. Self-closing door glides provide effortless function. And all door faces feature a brushed solid stainless steel door pull. The Aniko Bamboo Collection is available in a variety of combinations and can also be complemented with a matching chiffonier dresser or media console. The media console is designed for those who know the value of a well thought out rear-loading design with ventilation and safety glass just in case. We think you'll agree the Aniko Collection offers an eco-friendly bedroom choice with enduring beauty and style.