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Video: Silk'n Flash & Go Luxx Hair Removal System

Silk'n Flash & Go Luxx Hair Removal System - Video Gallery
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Silk'n Flash & Go Luxx Hair Removal System

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Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

HPL technology gives immediate results that improve with repeated use. Each flash sends a brief but intense pulse of light energy towards the skin. Lighter pigmented skin isn't affected but when the light energy meets the darker pigment of hair, it's immediately transformed into brief but extreme heat. Hair follicles absorb the heat and are burnt. While heated, the hair scars the hair growth cells in the surrounding shaft, permanently destroying them. The result? Hair follicles disabled by HPL will never grow hair again. For the best results, it's important to give HPL energy a clear path to the hair follicles located within the skin. Hair growing above the skin surface can block the light pulses from reaching their target. That's why you should shave before each flash and go treatment for maximum effectiveness. It's also important to understand that HPL only affects the hairs that are inside the hair shafts at the time of treatment, but only 15% of your hair is actively growing inside it shafts at any given time. It's this hair whose growth is eliminated by HPL. That's why you should wait two to four weeks between treatments, to let more hair return to its active growth phase. This makes the next treatment effective. All in all, you'll need about six to eight treatments, spread two to four weeks apart, to disable the majority of hair shafts and give you hair free skin. But remember, there are always dormant hair cells located beneath the skin surface that have never grown before, yet retain the potential to grow hair. From time to time, our body's hormones activate some of those cells and we experience what looks like regrowth but is actually new hair growth. That's why you should always keep your unit handy, so you'll be ready to eliminate any spontaneous hair growth that occurs in the future. One of the best parts of HPL technology is how it differs from the lasers used in professional hair removal salons. HPL based devices emit very short pulses of filtered energy, with extremely high peak power. That's what makes HPL treatment painless, yet with professional results. HPL technology brings home the power of light and unwanted hair is gone, for good.