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Video: The Five Star Playset By Gorilla Playsets

The Five Star Playset By Gorilla Playsets - Video Gallery
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The Five Star Playset By Gorilla Playsets

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The Five Star Playset By Gorilla Playsets


The Five Star Playset By Gorilla Playsets

Get ready for excitement with the Five Star by Gorilla Playsets. With some of the most exciting features available, the Five Star is the perfect combination of fun and affordability. The Five Star showcases an upper level clubhouse accessible by the safety ladder or rock wall. The clubhouse comes complete with a wood roof, real working shutters, a telescope, steering wheel, and a tic-tac-toe spinner panel. And your kids can make a quick and exhilarating escape via the wave slide. Adding to the excitement is the sandbox, rope ladder, and trapeze bar. The kids can partner up for a ride on the glider swing, or they can fly solo on the deluxe swing belt. Then they can relax with a snack on the built-in picnic table. Parents love our swing sets because of our unparalleled safety features. The Five Star includes pinch-free plastic-coated chains to protect your little one's fingers. Our patented A-frame bracket ensures that the entire swing set remains stable, even during the most rigorous of play. Other top safety features include heavy duty recessed hardware with safety caps, choice lumber that has been sanded smooth with rounded edges, and swing chains that are bolted completely through our 4 by 6 swing beams with locking carriage bolts. Nothing beats a Gorilla Playset for durability and ease of installation. All lumber is pre-sanded, pre-stained, and protected from the elements with our durable factory installed sealant. All of our swing sets come with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions to make installing your new swing set as enjoyable as playing on it. Best of all, we back it up with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. So give your kids the gift of outdoor adventure, order your Five Star today.

Gorilla® Playsets Five Star Playset - Do It Yourself

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