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Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

This is the Tiger Tail hand-held foam roller. Using this tool is the perfect way to keep your muscles and fascia healthy and happy. Tiger Tail helps relieve sore muscles, helps speed muscle recovery, and helps reduce stress and tension. You can use the Tiger Tail massage roller to roll away muscle knots, warm up muscles before workouts, and cool down muscles after exercise. It's super easy to use, and because it's handheld, you don't need to get on the ground. The cushion foam roller spins and moves freely. The Tiger Tail is super sturdy and does not bend. It's easy to clean with an anti-bacterial gel or spray. It is non-absorbent and non-deteriorating closed cell foam. The smooth solid surface means no pinched skin and no pulled out hair. The durable Tiger Tail comes with a three year warranty. You can use the Tiger Tail on any muscle knot on your body, from the feet all the way up to your neck. One of the best things about this roller is that you can choose how much pressure to apply and precisely where you wa--