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Video: KS Men's Dress Shirt Fit

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KS Men's Dress Shirt Fit

Length: 1:20 Added: Oct-24 Views: 18572

Kirkland Signatu Men's Dress Shirt Fit


Kirkland Signatu Men's Dress Shirt Fit

Hi, my name is Julia and I will be your tech designer for today. To determine your proper dress shirt size, you'll need a flexible tape measure, as I'm showing here, to measure two areas of your body. It's quite simple, as all you need is your neck and sleeve size to purchase our Kirkland Signature Dress Shirt. First, measure around the base of the neck, just below the Adam's apple. And to ensure comfort while wearing the KS shirt, put one finger beneath the tape. Now you have your neck size. Next, we will need the sleeve length. Using the flexible tape measure once again, start from the center back at the base of the neck bone, across the shoulder, and down the arm, and allow the tape to reach the wrist bone or wherever you would like your shirt cuffs to hit. And now you have your shirt size. The KS Dress Shirt comes in two fits-- traditional and tailored. The traditional fit is generously cut through the chest and the arm hole, and leads through the sleeves. The tailored fit tapers gently, but is still a regular fit. The tailored fit has a little extra room in the chest, but is slightly slimmer by two inches than the traditional fit. The waist measures four inches slimmer than the traditional fit. You now have the tools to determine your shirt size and information about the two fits offered.