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Video: Annadale Top Grain Leather Sectional

Annadale Top Grain Leather Sectional - Video Gallery
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Annadale Top Grain Leather Sectional

Length: 1:47 Added: Oct-24 Views: 13751

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Where classic style meets modern functionality. The Annadale Ivory Top Grain Leather Functional Sectional by Abbyson will add comfortable seating and easy headrest operation to any living room or family room. Annadale features deep, comfortable seating with beautifully upholstered top grain leather in a sleek, ivory color that will provide years of beauty and wear. Annadale offers several designer features, such as the hand tufted back cushions and complementary sleek metal legs. The modern sophistication continues with the unique functionality of the 12 click headrest operation, which allows you to increase the overall height of the sectional by up to 6 inches. While seated, simply reach over and pull. This easy operation, featured on all three sections, allows you to customize your seating experience. Designed with comfort in mind, the wide seats and plush foam combine to offer ultimate relaxation. Featuring a total of three wide seats, Annadale's seating cushions consist of a high density polyurethane seat core, creating an extremely soft and pillow like feel. Bring home the perfect combination of classic style and modern functionality with the Annadale Ivory Functional Leather Sectional by Abbyson. [MUSIC PLAYING]