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Video: salmon_burger_outdoor_v1.mp4

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Length: 2:08 Added: Jun-21 Views: 4514

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[MUSIC PLAYING] How's it going, everybody? Chef Dave here with Northwest Fish on a beautiful summer afternoon, and we're here today to grill these beautiful salmon bacon cheeseburgers. That's right, I said bacon. There is chopped fresh salmon loins. It's Atlantic salmon, high in omega 3s, mixed in with Wisconsin medium sharp cheddar cheese, all shreded up with smoked bacon. So we're going to throw them on the grill and show you how it's done. First thing we're going to do is we're going to take a little bit of cooking spray, a little bit of spray right there, just to make sure it doesn't stick. You're going to throw it down on that grill. For these burger patties, what you want to do is cook it with an internal temperature of 145 degrees or less. I recommend around 130. You don't need to worry about under cooking this. You could eat this rare because the salmon itself is sashimi grade salmon. That's how good it is. We're going to go ahead and close this lid, make sure we get that heat circulating around the salmon. So we're going to let this thing sit for about 3 and 1/2 minutes before we do the flip. We're going to take a look at this thing and we're going to give it a nice flip. And look at that, you got some good char on there. You got that good, smoky flavor coming. So we're going to close this lid up and we're going to let it cook for about another 2 and 1/2 to three minutes, we should be right there where you want to be. Let's pull this thing off. Sheer perfection on a bun. We're going to take some avocado, just to give it that special finish. We've got our certified organic buns. We've got our sliced tomatoes, our lettuce, and our avocado. All you got to do now is eat it. This is chef Dan with Northwest Fish. Thanks for watching, good grilling.