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Video: Catterton 3-piece Leather Set

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Catterton 3-piece Leather Set

Length: 1:33 Added: May-11 Views: 24360

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Where classic style meets modern functionality, the Catterton Top Grain Leather Collection will add comfortable seating and easy power operation to any living or family room. The Catterton power sofa features two electronically powered, fully reclining seats that offer an infinite selection of positions. Additionally, Catterton features a unique and amazing designed love seat that offers a center console, as well as gliding recliner seats. [MUSIC PLAYING] Catterton features deep, comfortable seating with beautifully rich and thick top grain leather that will provide years of beauty and wear. Handcrafted details are shown in the intricate stitching lines on the back cushions. And additionally, Catterton is complemented by its wide, pillow-like armrests. Bring the brilliance of time honored style merged with modern charm right into the center of your home with the Catterton Three Piece Power Collection. Abbyson living-- inspired elegance for the way we live.