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Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Thinking about joining the Mission? Well let's show you how easy it really is. For a quick overview, check out the illustrated product information on the package. Don't forget, your Mission Belt hanger is stored on the inside of your box. Now, let's show you how this puppy works. The unique ratchet system adjusts every quarter inch, giving you the perfect fit. Next, let's get familiar with the buckle mechanism. To take it off, simply pull on the release lever, take the strap out. And a quick tip, if your belt is ever too snug, just pull on the release lever and hold it. Push the strap into the buckle a bit, then take it out. Pure and simple. Belt too big? No worries. Our trim to fit guide on the inside of each Costco's Mission Belt is there to help. Lift the clasp on the back of the buckle using your mission belt hanger, and remove the buckle from the strap. Next, find your waist size on the convenient trim to fit guide, and use a good pair of scissors to cut off the excess. Remember, if you're in-between sizes, round up. You can always cut more off, but unfortunately, the strap won't grow back. And finally, just re-insert the strap into the buckle and close it. For any questions or concerns, please refer to our belt instructions pamphlet or reach out to us at And as always, thanks for being part of the Mission.