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Video: Christmas Tree

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Christmas Tree

Length: 1:06 Added: Oct-4 Views: 33402

Fresh-Cut Premium-Grade Fraser Fir Christmas Tree


Fresh-Cut Premium-Grade Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

Celebrate the warmth and charm of the holiday season with a Christmas Tree Company fresh cut, premium grade, Fraser Fir Christmas tree. Your Christmas tree is a fresh cut within 24 hours of shipment, ensuring freshness and longevity. Before shipping, your tree is properly pruned to make room for the stand, shaken, bound, and packaged in a sturdy moisture-resistant carton for optimal protection. At the Christmas Tree Company we hand-pick and thoroughly inspect each tree for ideal shape, size, and symmetry. Only trees that pass a rigorous selection process are delivered to your home or office. Our Christmas trees are a fresh, fragrant season's delight with luscious blue green branches that are sturdy enough to support a wide range of decoration. Our North Carolina Fraser Fir is an excellent choice. The most remarkable characteristic of this premium Christmas tree is its outstanding needle retention. Our fresh cut, properly cared for Fraser Fir can be placed in the home in mid-November, and easily last well into the month of January. Also available is the Christmas Tree Company tree stand with auto-stop watering system. The Fraser Fir Christmas tree is available at

Costco - 25ft Fresh Fraser Fir  Holiday Garland

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