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Video: Santa Monica Gazebo 10x13

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Santa Monica Gazebo 10x13

Length: 1:49 Added: Jul-3 Views: 2944

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Rain or shine, enjoy the moment outdoors with the Santa Monica Gazebo. Whether it's to place over your jacuzzi, have a candlelit evening with friends, or to just take shelter from the spring showers as well as the summer sun. The Santa Monica Gazebo's 130 square feet of covered space is like instantly adding a new room or living area to your home. This gazebo is as solid and sturdy as they come. The entire structure is made of heavy gauge aluminum and is powder coated in a gray-black finish to complement any backyard decor. And the Santa Monica Gazebo is 100% rust free. The entire roof structure, frame and posts are assembled via prefabricated rails, meaning there are no rivets or welding to come loose or break. This feature greatly enhances the structural integrity of the gazebo, as it makes the unit react to external forces as one coherent part. The roof is made up of multi-layered, hardtop, aluminum composite panels in architectural grade material, providing insulation, noise reduction, exceptional strength, and rust resistance. The canopy top section is an added design feature made specifically for wind escapement. The roof overlaps the entire structure so there's no penetration of rain. The unit comes with very easy to read pictured assembly instructions and can be completely assembled in just a few hours. The gazebo's anchoring is hidden by a decorative base cover. It can be bolted to concrete or a wooden deck. Start enjoying life more. Purchase the Santa Monica Gazebo today. Another great product from