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Video: Assembly and Shaping Instructions

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Assembly and Shaping Instructions

Length: 4:50 Added: Oct-9 Views: 122

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] This video will show you how to assemble a pre-lit hinge tree with low voltage LED lights and foot pedal switch. The carton contains three tree sections and the tree stand. Remove the plastic caps from the three center poles and discard. The bottom section center pole is tapered for easy insertion into the tree stand. The tree branches are secured with a tie wrap that should be kept tied until later in the assembly process. Begin assembly by fully unfolding the tree stand until the screw holes line up. Screw the bolts into the three holes, turning just enough to keep them from falling out. When all screws are inserted, place the stand on the floor. Insert the bottom tree section into the stand. Tighten the bolts evenly to secure the section within the stand. Now loosen the tie wrap and push up on it until the bottom row of main branches drops down. [MUSIC PLAYING] To start the shaping process work out from the center pole, lifting up the top tips and pulling out the side tips. Next, pull out the wing branches. They should be bent to a 45 degree angle. When finished the wing tips of each branch just touch each other, not overlap. Repeat this shaping process until all bottom row branches are shaped. [MUSIC PLAYING] When bottom row shaping is finished, push up again on the tie wrap until the next row branches drops down. [MUSIC PLAYING] Continue using the same shaping technique as before for the remaining bottom section branches. Insert the center pole of the middle tree section into the center pole of the bottom section. Plug the light string chord from the middle section into the receptacle of the bottom section. The connectors are keyed to prevent incorrect connection. Twist on the security nut to close the connection. [MUSIC PLAYING] Loosen the tie wrap and drop down the first row of branches, then rotate the section so that these branches fall in between the branches below. The same shaping process used for the bottom tree section will be used to shape the middle. As you shape closer to the top, the branches will no longer have wings but will be shaped using the same technique as used for the individual tips. Shaping of the treetop is best done before attaching it to the tree. Hold the treetop in one hand and with the other hand bend down the branches one row at a time. Make sure as you lower the branches that they remain evenly spaced. Shape the branch tips applying the same methods as used earlier. Remember as you bring branch rows down that they fall between the branches below them for a more natural look. The final assembly step is to attach the treetop. Tip the tree to a comfortable position and insert the top into the square hole of the middle section pole cap. Thread the light string chord from the top section through the branches of the middle section. Reach into the middle section and pull out the remaining light string receptacle. Secure the two key connectors using the same technique as earlier. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now is the time to walk around the tree and perform the final shaping necessary- to fill any obvious holes. All low voltage LED trees include an on/off foot switch. For dual colored trees the switch controls nine light functions-- steady warm white lights, steady mulit-color lights, fading warm white lights, fading multi-color lights, fading warm white to multi-color, twinkling warm white, twinkling multi-color, slow speed twinkling warm white to multi-color, fast speed twinkling warm white to multi-color.