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Video: Sport Brella 2-pack

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Sport Brella 2-pack

Length: 1:53 Added: Oct-8 Views: 27683

View this video featuring the Costco - Sport-Brella 2-pack product and shop other similar products on


View this video featuring the Costco - Sport-Brella 2-pack product and shop other similar products on

Three seconds, that's all it takes. Just three seconds to have the ideal shelter for sun, wind, and weather. Introducing the Sport-Brella, the quickest up-and-down shelter for all-weather protection. Whether you're on the sidelines, lounging at the beach, or having fun just about anywhere outdoors, the Sport-Brella is the easiest, most convenient, most effective sun and weather protection you can get. Conventional beach umbrellas don't provide protection or the stability you need, and tents are a hassle to lug around and hard to set up. The Sport-Brella is the perfect alternative. It's lightweight and carries easily, sets up instantly with umbrella action, and has side flaps on its oversized frame to provide a protective dome for you, your family your team, and even pets. When you want to stay cool, the Sport-Brella is the ultimate answer. Thanks to its unique metallic undercoating, it's rated at UV protection factor of 50 plus, the maximum level of sun protection, blocking over 99.95% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Plus, the Sport-Brella's zip down side windows and integrated wind vents keep air flowing through while you stay cool. The Sport-Brella is perfect even for wind and weather protection. Its pointed telescoping pole secures it into the ground. And with standard and heavy duty ground stakes as well as tie down cords, the Sport-Brella is incredibly stable in breezy conditions. The Sport-Brella's unique shape and fabric even resist wind and weather for those days when the conditions are wet. With the Sport-Brella, you'll get four standard ground stakes, four heavy duty ground stakes for sand or windier conditions, and three tie down cords for extra stability. Choose from a variety of colors to suit your tastes and activities. And use the convenient carry bag to easily take the Sport-Brella just about anywhere. Sport-Brella-- stay cool, stay dry, stay protected.