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Video: Reebok® 910 Elliptical

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Reebok® 910 Elliptical

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Personalize your workout with the Reebok® 910 Elliptical.


Personalize your workout with the Reebok® 910 Elliptical.

Achieve the best fitness of your life in the comfort of your living room with the Reebok Elliptical 910. With our revolutionary interactive training program, iFit technology, you can train with a certified personal trainer, draw your route with Google Maps, run a scenic coastline via high definition video, track your progress automatically, and customize your workouts. Find your perfect fit when you adjust your stride length with the power adjustable stride from 20 to 22 inches. Quickly personalize any work out with these built-in handle controls. Conveniently built into the handlebars, it's easy to adjust your resistance and incline on the go. Don't forget the included wireless chest strap, keeping you in your target heart rate zone for optimum results. And with the adjustable oversized cushion pedals, your work will be perfectly every time.