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Video: Elise Sette

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Elise Sette

Length: 1:13 Added: Nov-15 Views: 8591

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

This beautiful Elise settee is unique in its perfectly classic look, clean curved lines, and gentle wingback design. Every curve is elegantly designed to provide comfort and ideal support for two with the Elise. The Elise armless, wingback settee features a high back with traditional button tufting and comfortable natural beige colored linen padding all over. Perfect in a living room, bedroom, or library, it can also double as a buffet-style dining table accent. The settee also features soft, off-white linen, brown padded stylized back and side rest, a studded lower perimeter and back, a roomy, wide seat for all, and finely crafted hardwood legs, making the Elise a very unique blend of classic and modern that fits seamlessly into any environment. The gorgeous Elise's commanding shape is ideal for any room, with its unique slope style adding flair effortlessly to any room. We are confident that this chair will add modern comfort with an old world style to any environment, along with years of enjoyment and durability.