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Video: Roadside Electronic Flash Flare

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Roadside Electronic Flash Flare

Length: 0:58 Added: Oct-18 Views: 19289

Roadside Electronic Flash Flare 2-Pack


Roadside Electronic Flash Flare 2-Pack

[MUSIC PLAYING] Designed for safety of motorists, the Roadside Electronic Flash Flare is a brighter and more efficient alternative to conventional flares. Reflective and weather resistant, this battery-powered flare features bright orange thermoplastic rings with UV stabilizers. This electronic flare has an elevated, foldable base for uneven roads. When it's not in use, the flare and base are compact enough to store in the included hard shell carrying case. The 360 degrees of LED lights and four lighting sequences, the Flash Flare provides superior warning visibility both day and night. Powered by two C batteries, this flare is ideal for traffic management, emergency situations, directional markers, and vehicle loading and unloading. With its vibrant orange color and bright red LEDs, this electronic flare will provide hours of roadside protection day or night. The Roadside Electronic Flash Flare 2-pack is available at