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Video: Digital Treasures PowerFlask

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Digital Treasures PowerFlask

Length: 0:56 Added: May-16 Views: 6607




Hello. Today I'll be showcasing another must have item from Digital Treasures. It's the innovative Power Flask. With the Power Flask, you'll be able to charge three mobile devices at once. Just connect your iPad or other tablet to the 1A output and then your smartphone, MP3 player, and other devices to the 2.5A and micro USB ports. The included adapters that you easily charge both Apple and non-Apple devices. The Power Flask is the perfect to go everywhere charger for your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Windows and Android smartphones and most other mobile devices. It even includes a flashlight feature with an illuminated power supply indicator. With pocket friendly portability and a lightweight design, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. So don't miss out. Get your Power Flask today.