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Video: Chamberlain rug

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Chamberlain rug

Length: 1:10 Added: Jun-14 Views: 9028

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Video featuring products available on

The chamberlain features a traditional pattern that is displayed beautifully in a floral pattern and complementary border. The luxurious colors in this rug give it a unique and updated look for a traditional pattern. The background is red and the complementing border color features jet black. . Petals of rashi in an elephant gray are displayed along with various tones of green in the leaves and stems. The Chamberlain was hand-tufted in India. To make a hand-tufted rug, a pattern is traced on the scrim backing. The weavers use the pattern to create this hand-crafted masterpiece. A hand-tufting gun is used to insert the wool into the scrim. At this point, the wool is loose, so a latex and canvas backing is applied to hold the fibers in place. The rug is then washed to clean away dirt and loose fibers. They are then laid out in the sun to dry. The chamberlain is a 100% hand crafted wool rug. Each of these rugs are made individually by hand and may have slight imperfections. Since it is a wool rug, this product will shed. This will subside over time, depending on traffic. Extra care should be taken when cleaning by not using a high powered vacuum such as the Dyson, or not using a vacuum with a beater bar. A rug pad is recommended to extend the life of this rug.