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Video: Life Gear Outdoor 850 LED Flashlight

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Life Gear Outdoor 850 LED Flashlight

Length: 1:13 Added: Oct-29 Views: 14939

Life+Gear Outdoor 850 LED Flashlight


Life+Gear Outdoor 850 LED Flashlight

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I'm Steve Sinclair with Life+Gear. I'd like to introduce you to our Outdoor, 850 lumen, LED flashlight. Life+Gear's Outdoor 850 is a super powerful, weather resistant, aircraft grade hardened aluminum flashlight that features six white LED light bulbs, and up to 850 lumens of light output. The Outdoor 850 requires six C batteries, which are not included. Two output levels provide the option of a high, super-bright setting, or a low, extended run time setting. A third setting engages the full strength strobe. A 1 and 1/4 inch barrel that features a high tread grip design means you'll always have a secure handhold in even the harshest conditions. Carry your durable Outdoor 85 with the included nylon shoulder strap, or pack it away safely in the quality aluminum carry case. The durable case provides protection when stored in the back of your vehicle. Be prepared, use Life+Gear. I'm Steve Sinclair, and the Life+Gear Outdoor 850 lumens LED flashlight is available exclusively at