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T3 Video

Length: 2:52 Added: Mar-5 Views: 53229

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Backstage at Fashion Week, our tools need to be fast, durable, and effective. At the Cynthia Rowley Fall 2013 show T3 used one of my favorite tools, the Featherweight 2 Dryer, to create a sexy, tousled, wavy blow-out. I love this look because it's a new twist on the basic blow-out, and you can recreate it at home using just your dryer and a small round brush. Start with freshly washed, detangled hair. Apply Alterna Caviar CC Cream to add a little bit of polish to this textured, voluminous look. Different hair types require different amounts of styling product. Davis has medium hair texture, so she'll be using a nickel-sized amount. Start by applying the cream to the underneath of the hair and rake it through to the ends with your fingers. By applying product to the underneath first, you avoid the risk of putting too much styling cream on the roots which can make your hair look greasy. Pre-dry your hair with the Featherweight 2 Dryer lifting through the roots with your hands and raking your fingers through your hair to create volume and body. Continue until your hair is 85% dry. Now, section your hair. Starting at the temple, make a diagonal section toward the nape of the neck. Use your other hand to meet the clip and gather the remaining hair. Pin the section back and away, then separate the remaining hair into 2-inch sections. Using your 2-inch Antigravity Barrel Brush, begin drying the first section. Hold the brush horizontally and pull it away from the root at a 90-degree angle to create volume. When the roots are dry, remove the brush. Then place it on top of the hair just past the dried section. Holding the brush horizontally, flip the remaining hair over the brush, then pull the brush all the way down to the end. Roll the brush back up to the roots. Continue to roll the brush up and down until the section is dry. The key to this look is how you remove the brush from the hair. When you reach the ends, flip the brush 180-degrees in the opposite direction. Then gently release the hair, flipping it away from the face-- letting the ends cool. Continue this process until your entire head is styled. To set the style, press and hold the cool shot button on your Featherweight 2 Dryer and blow cool air over your entire head, tousling as you go. This will help blend your sections and give your hair even more texture. Finally, back comb your hair for maximum volume and glamorous texture. Tilt your head to either side and back comb three times, starting two to three inches from the roots using a wide-tooth comb. And now, you're ready to go. [MUSIC PLAYING]