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Video: Yukon Charlie s Snowshoe Kits

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Yukon Charlie s Snowshoe Kits

Length: 1:34 Added: Oct-16 Views: 2129

Adult snowshoes kits complete with trekking poles and storage bag.


Adult snowshoes kits complete with trekking poles and storage bag.

[MUSIC PLAYING] We at Yukon Charlie's would like to present our latest products designed to get you and your family on their next winter adventure. Our latest snow shoe kits feature the Yukon Pro Two series snowshoes available in both men's and women's styles. The complete kit includes easy to adjust flip lock pulls with a dual basket system and convenient carry bag. The new Yukon Pro Two series snowshoes are designed to take on any winter adventure with great technical features like, lightweight and extremely durable deck, integrated heel lift to reduce leg fatigue on uphill ascents, quick bull binding system with EBA padding for all day comfort and fit, newly designed front and rear cramp ons for altering traction, and a convenient snowshoe bag with mesh drainage, zip enclosure, and shoulder straps. The Pro series snowshoe kits come complete with a feature pack pair of adjustable poles. Flip lock design makes adjusting the pole length simple and fast. The dual basket system is designed for both use on snow and trail. Also available for the season is our awesome new junior snowshoe kits, complete with all terrain capable molded ABS snow shoes with built-in in traction, glove friendly ratcheting binding system, and adjustable poles and matching carry bag. This is a complete set of true winter gear just waiting to get on the snow. Thanks again from Yukon Charlie's We hope to see you out on the trail. [MUSIC PLAYING]