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Video: Hawaiian Culture

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Hawaiian Culture

Length: 1:02 Added: Jul-19 Views: 79

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Throughout the park, guests learn about the sustainable practices and accomplishments of the Hawaiian people and their close relationship to the sea. The Maui Ocean Center is proud to perpetuate their legacy by sharing the rich natural and cultural treasures of our island home. My favorite part about working at Maui Ocean Center is the respect for the animals that is shown by all of the staff here. Any time we bring in a new shark or stingray we have Dane Maxwell, who's our Hawaiian cultural advisor, who comes down and blesses the animal as we introduce it into Maui Ocean Center. Being a part of the ocean center, it brings me great joy. The ocean to the Hawaiian people is such a vital aspect of our culture. And seeing all the children, and the community, all the tourists, it really sparks an interest in them. It brings awareness to them and hopefully they take something special, if not just about the fish, but maybe a part of Hawaii with them back home.