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Video: Pür Minerals Primers

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Pür Minerals Primers

Length: 0:59 Added: Sep-16 Views: 21544

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I'm Lynette, Global Education Director for Pur Minerals. Every makeup artist's secret weapon is applying a primer before foundation, and Pur Minerals has five problem-solving primers that all contain Ceretin Complex. These lightweight primers also brighten the skin, firm the skin, and smooth your skin to a silky finish. The green primer is our Redness Reducer. The peach primer our Dark Spot Corrector. The lavender primer is our Hydrate and Balance, perfect for oily skin. The Illuminate and Glow primer is perfect for dry skin. And then, last but not least, we have the neutral primer, which is Prep and Perfect, and is perfect for all skin types. Primers are a great way to enhance your complexion, smooth lines and wrinkles, and make your makeup last even longer.