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Video: VersaRoll PVC Flooring

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VersaRoll PVC Flooring

Length: 1:30 Added: Oct-8 Views: 982

Allow your garage to be as attractive and inviting as the rest of your home.


Allow your garage to be as attractive and inviting as the rest of your home.

[MUSIC PLAYING] OK, your garage floor is a mess. You need a durable, easy-to-install commercial grade fix, a flooring that can withstand the rough and tough conditions of your garage, that can keep up with you. Look no further because we've got it, The NewAge VersaRoll is where sleek and stylish design meets heavy-duty construction. It's made to endure and prevent damage from vehicles, tools, and heavy foot traffic. It's non-slip treadplate pattern with UV coating protection gives you a long-lasting, good looking solution for your floor all year long. We know your garage floor is different than the next guy's. So pick your size and pick your color because we've got options. And when you make a mess, no big deal. The floor is designed for easy cleanup. Oil stains, gas, common household chemicals, they don't stand a chance on our heavy-duty flooring. VersarRoll is great for your garage, your shop, your truck, your warehouse, and any other area where you need heavy-duty flooring. And to top it up, all you have to do to install is roll it out. Putting two rolls together, no problem. Just line up the seams of the floor or overlap them by an inch and you've got full floor coverage. Complete the install in no time and spend the rest of your day doing what you want. So let's recap, easy to install, easy to clean, sleek design, heavy duty. Big mess, no problem, NewAge VersaRoll.