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Video: Saratoga 5pc Chat

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Saratoga 5pc Chat

Length: 1:09 Added: Jun-29 Views: 25160

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Ideal for those who enjoy entertaining outdoors, the classic Saratoga Conversational Set with Fire Pit and Lid combines a smart look with comfortable style. Distinguished by its intricate swirling cast design throughout, the Saratoga is an elegant addition to any outdoor area. The set includes four action lounge chairs that offer a smooth rocking motion and plush, tailored cushions deliver ultra comfort. The fully-welded, rust-free aluminum chair frames deliver strength and durability. The focal point of the collection is the 42-inch Round Fire Table, with 40,000 BTU capacity. A lid is included, creating a coffee table when the fire is not in use. This Saratoga set has a custom decorative finish in antique black that is hand-dabbed on top of a durable powder coating. The seating includes worry-free, weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric in Canyon Bamboo. Experience outdoor living with Saratoga style.