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Video: Teeters F7000S Limited Edition

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Teeters F7000S Limited Edition

Length: 1:22 Added: Nov-29 Views: 18088

Teeters F7000S Limited Edition: watch this video featuring products available on


Teeters F7000S Limited Edition: watch this video featuring products available on

Don't just cover up symptoms. Target the source of your ache. The Teeter Hang Ups F7000S offers an in-home stretching and decompression solution. Using your body weight and gravity, the Teeter Hang Ups will help you achieve the ultimate stretch to naturally help align the spine, hydrate the discs, take pressure off of the nerve roots, and stretch and relax muscles. Teeter Hang Ups makes the highest quality inversion products, meeting medical grade standards and surpassing competitors in engineering evolution for cycle endurance, durability, stability and even ease of assembly. Building on our most popular features, the limited edition includes upgraded finishes for a luxury appearance and lasting function. Built with the benefits in mind, our tapered bed frame allows for more freedom of movement while stretching. Plus, as a bonus, our limited edition includes an adjustable and removable lumbar pillow that contours to your body and facilitates deeper decompression. The F7000S also features a secure ankle-lock system, including curved front clamps for greater comfort, and rubber hand grips for durable supports, embossed with an easy reference guide to ankle rotation. Simply adjust the main shaft to your height, set rotational control using the tether, secure your ankles, invert, and relax. Enjoy the passive benefits and just relax to decompress for a better back and better joint function, or advance to inverted exercises to develop core muscles. Just a few minutes of inversion a day can help temporarily relieve your back pain and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The F7000S is exclusive to and only available while supplies last.