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Video: Venezia

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Length: 1:57 Added: May-27 Views: 5963

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Hello, I'm Karen Ang, furniture buyer for I'd like to tell you about the Venezia 4-piece leather collection by Abbyson Living. This exquisite collection featuring a sofa, loveseat, armchair, and ottoman will provide affordable luxury to your living space. A perfect balance of old world charm mixed with contemporary elegance, Venezia will be a great complement to your current decor while providing a divine place to relax. The multitoned brown leather is individually hand-cut and rubbed by expert craftsmen. The Venezia goes through a very detailed and intricate hand-rubbing process in order to provide a natural, warm leather look. Complemented by its warm color, hand-carved wooden legs, Venezia offers several unique traits not commonly found in most leather collections. Venezia provides a designer's feel with its rolled arm rests and smaller scale nail head trims which are brass color and individually placed by hand. Hand-stitched details are also shown in the piping designs featured around the armrests and back cushions. Expertly built by master craftsmen, solid hardwood frames are used for added durability, which are foam-encased to add padding and protect the leather around all areas. 1.8 high density foam cushions are used with sinuous spring cushions supporting the seats and backs for comfort and support. All frames are solid wood, corner braced and blocked to help maintain structural shape for a sturdy long life. I'm Karen Ang, and the Venezia hand-rubbed top grain leather collection is available at [MUSIC PLAYING]