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Video: How to Connect Sound bar to Display

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How to Connect Sound bar to Display

Length: 1:11 Added: Aug-29 Views: 257673

How to Connect Sound bar to Vizio Display


How to Connect Sound bar to Vizio Display

Connecting and controlling your HDMI-enabled Vizio sound bar with your Vizio display is incredibly easy with the HDMI audio return channel, or ARC for short. First, make sure your sound bar and subwoofer are connected to a power outlet. Then take the HDMI cable that comes with your Vizio sound bar and plug it into the HDMI port labeled HDMI Out ARC on the back of the sound bar. Then locate the HDMI ARC port on your home theater display. On Vizio displays it is typically HDMI 1. And plug in the other end of the HDMI cable from the sound bar. Once you plug everything in, your Vizio sound bar and home theater display are ready to go. Your sound bar will automatically turn off and on with current Vizio home theater displays. And once the sound bar is on, you can use your display's remote control to adjust the volume on the sound bar. The display will show the volume level of the sound bar on screen, in addition to the LED indicators on the bar itself. Now you're all set to enjoy powerful, crystal clear Vizio sound bar audio with your home theater display using the ARC feature.