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Video: Athens Billiard Collection

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Athens Billiard Collection

Length: 2:18 Added: Oct-4 Views: 6916

Athens Billiard Collection: watch this video featuring products available on


Athens Billiard Collection: watch this video featuring products available on

Chances are, somewhere in the corner of your mind, you've been reserving a spot for the ultimate game room. Well, your time has come. By partnering with American Heritage Billiards, the world's largest game room furniture manufacturer, we've created an amazing once in a lifetime billiard table. This is a spectacular eight foot long centerpiece certain to attract family and friends for generations to come. And who could blame them? Rarely does a piece of furniture have such elegant lines and intricate carvings. Notice the decorative aprons adorning the surface perimeter. And let's not overlook the custom tailored pockets. The artisans certainly didn't. Their attention to detail is nothing short of extraordinary. For example, the elegant arch stylings of the cabinet body is a true work of art, but the masterfully sculptured ball and claw legs typically found only on heirloom furniture make it nearly impossible to keep one's eye on the ball. Our decorators have also blended precisely the right finish color with accent glazings to compliment the design itself, along with virtually any home decor. Likewise, they've selected a bed cloth protected with Teflon that not only resist spills, but also enhances the beauty of the wood finish, as it eases eyestrain during hours of unforgettable play. But here's the question. Does this family heirloom play as good as it looks? Here's the answer. During construction, we use time tested engineering techniques to level the finest 1 inch slate bed, with kind true billiard professionals insist upon. In other words, yes. To that end, professionals are also big fans of wide rails with crisp diamond sites for easy hand placement and accurate angles to the pockets. Of course, all the accessories you need to start playing, such as top quality cues, are included. Plus, you can add a custom wall rack to store them. And for those times you'd rather be a spectator in this sport, consider our coordinating pub tables and stools. If you're the pool shark of the family, you may want to observe your prey before attacking, so opt for a pair of exquisite marquee chairs to complete your ultimate game root package. To top it all off, add our finest ping pong conversion top. It has a foam backing and easily slides on and off your table, creating two fun games in one. So, if you're up to the challenge, hurry. Savings this substantial may never return, but a treasure this captivating assures that family and friends will. [JAZZ MUSIC ENDS]