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Video: Mike's Success Story

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Mike's Success Story

Length: 1:32 Added: Aug-1 Views: 65865

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Video featuring products available on

Hi. My name's Mike, and I'm from Colorado. I live here with my wife and my two kids. And I just quit smoking over a year ago. Let me tell you, this last time was finally the time I got through it and quit. And the reason is because I used Nicorette. I was smoking almost a pack and a half a day when I finally quit. And let me tell you, not only is that expensive, but I knew long-term it was going to be very detrimental to my health. And I knew I needed to quit. And now it's been over a year, and I feel great. I started working out. I joined the local gym. And overall, my whole life has turned around. My clothes don't smell anymore. My wife even commented-- she's a non-smoker-- and she said, it's so nice to go into our closet and not smell all my clothes smelling like smoke. I just basically made the decision to quit. And I started replacing my cigarettes with a piece of gum. And it's just a great flavors. It comes in a white ice mint, fruit chill, spearmint. This tastes great. My cravings are gone almost immediately. And throughout the day, I just keep Nicorette with me at my office, in the car, at home. And I know it's there if I need it, and it will stop those cravings and help me get over the hump. I'm a Costco shopper. So I went to I ordered this Nicorette pack. And this has really been a lifesaver. This is what did it for me. It got me to quit smoking.