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Video: Reebok Competitor RT 8.0 Treadmill

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Reebok Competitor RT 8.0 Treadmill

Length: 1:28 Added: Dec-29 Views: 10800

Reebok Competitor RT 8.0 Treadmill: watch this video featuring products available on


Reebok Competitor RT 8.0 Treadmill: watch this video featuring products available on

Step up to a new day in treadmill technology with the power and performance of the Competitor RT 8.0. This deluxe model is compatible with iFit Live, an exciting new technology. This interactive real-time technology connects you free for 12 months to lets you track your daily calorie burn, as well as caloric intake, to reshape and tone your body. Your iFit Live workouts are powered by Google Maps, a revolutionary technology that allows you to create custom trails and watch your progress in real time, all on your laptop. This heavy-duty treadmill has a 350-pound weight capacity, a strong 3.0 horsepower TRX Commercial Pro motor, and an extra long 20 by 60 inch tread belt. The StrideFlex adjustable cushioning system delivers comfort to your every step. And the QuickStep's speed and incline controls will keep you moving through any workout. You'll also enjoy technology's best with six create-and-save workout and 28 performance workouts that focus on time, distance, and calorie goals. Plus the RT 8.0 also features a compatible music port for iPod and the convenient dual grip AccuRate heart rate monitor. All done with your workout? Fold up the deck with the easy-to-use space-saver design and easy lift shock. Enjoy the body-shaping benefits of technology and purchase your Competitor RT 8.0 treadmill today.