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Video: Reebok V 8.90 Treadmill

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Reebok V 8.90 Treadmill

Length: 1:20 Added: Dec-29 Views: 35491

Reebok V 8.90 Treadmill: watch this video featuring products available on


Reebok V 8.90 Treadmill: watch this video featuring products available on

The Reebok V8.90 is the ultimate weight loss treadmill. Featuring the innovation of iFit workout card technology, the motivation of a compatible music port for iPod and the smooth consistent power of a TRX motor. You get everything you need to reach your weight loss goals. Reach your target weight in as little as eight weeks with iFit workout card technology. With three weight loss parts included, this treadmill will help you get to the new slimmer you fast. Each workout features audio coaching and automatically controls your speed and incline, so you can concentrate on your workout. To stay motivated, plug your iPod into the console and listen to your favorite workout mix through the built-in sound system. You'll be rocking to the beat as you melt fat and target your trouble spots. This Reebok treadmill also boasts smooth consistent power, with a 2.25 CHP TRX motor, engineered to maintain performance for long term use. This motor is perfect for every workout. Plus, it's protected with a 25-year motor warranty. So you can workout peace of mind. So whether you have a long way to go or it's those last few pounds, V8.90 will help you get there. You'll be closer to your goal with your first step.