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Video: STOTT PILATES Stability Chair

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STOTT PILATES Stability Chair

Length: 1:59 Added: Dec-29 Views: 5070

STOTT PILATES Stability Chair: watch this video featuring products available on


STOTT PILATES Stability Chair: watch this video featuring products available on

So just carefully get on the chair-- and just flexed over. Breathe in to prepare, and exhale. Just press up one. That it's-- all the way up, and release it down. And exhale. So right here what's happening is you want to make sure that they're pivoting from the shoulder, that the hips are lifting up into the air one more time, right up. And that though-- can you show John what happens sometimes when people just sit back and go right back? So then they don't get anywhere, and the calves end up hitting the chair. Now at the top, we're going to go back up again, and its reciprocal, same as we did with the elephant. So we're really getting this functional movement in here. Then we can start to lower down two, three, four and lift, two three four and down, two, three, four, lift, two, three, four, last time, two, three, four and lift, two, three, four and release down. Ooo. So you have to work through the abdominals to keep that support. It is all shoulders, scapula, traps-- it feels good. Very strong Feels good. And then nice reciprocal movement with the legs-- so everything's working-- but again, from the core. Forward step up combined with a backward step down-- [MUSIC PLAYING] Do you need handles for this, John? Just in case. I'll make sure we've got them going the right way. Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] Making sure they're even-- and we'll keep the springs the same, two heavy metal. So very carefully, one foot steps onto the pedal, the other one up onto the chair, and we inhale, lower the heel. Exhale, press up. Inhale to the top, and release it back. Now very supportive through the hips-- and we just flex the other knee. Exhale one, two three.