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Video: Ancona LED Under-cabinet Light Fixtures

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Ancona LED Under-cabinet Light Fixtures

Length: 2:21 Added: Oct-9 Views: 243

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

The Ancona brand is a quality priced benchmark for Italian designed bathroom and kitchen products, bringing you the benefits of excellence in styling, manufacturing, and performance as cost effectively as possible. The LED Ancona under-cabinet light fixture with swivel is made of aluminum, easy to install, and can be connected in series with a connector included. LED-- Light Emitting Diode-- offers lower energy consumption and longer life-- 40,000 hours compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Swivel feature allows lamp to be adjusted to prevent glare, and light is easily directed towards the desired area. Diffused and frosted glass allows for even light distribution. [MUSIC PLAYING]