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Video: LifeCORE HRT Rower

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LifeCORE HRT Rower

Length: 1:35 Added: Jan-7 Views: 10773

LifeCORE HRT Rower: watch this video featuring products available on


LifeCORE HRT Rower: watch this video featuring products available on

This is the most affordable and best in its class, and I'm going to show you why. You can see it's folded up. So, when you're ready to go, when you're ready to exercise, simply kneel down here, pull the pull pin, slowly lower it into place, and it will lock in. Then, just make sure you tighten it down before you start exercising, like that. Notice the big seat and the very good construction. This is aluminum, so it's lightweight. You can move it around very easily with the rollers on front. You can pick it up, roll it away when you're done exercising. But, when you're ready to exercise, assume the position, put my feet in the adjustable locking footpads here, and get ready to go. Now, the difference between this and the other rowers here at Lifecore, this has air and adjustable magnetic resistance, but you just have to turn this simple adjustment right here in front of you. So, you're going to maximize your workout with air and magnetic resistance. But, like I said, that is adjustable manually. Another great feature is the adjustable LCD display. You can see right here, you can adjust it to accommodate any user. You have great things on here, like time, distance, how many strokes, how many calories, your pulse. And then, also, you have the pace guide here as well to challenge your workout. So, this is a very effective way to stay focused and stay working out hard. And then, the handle-- ergonomically designed, nice and big and comfortable, so you are comfortable while you're exercising. And, same thing-- just go into the movement, and the fan is going to cool you off. And then, when you're done, simply put it back into place, lower that. This comes with a two year warranty.