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Video: Jefferson Club Chair

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Jefferson Club Chair

Length: 1:01 Added: Oct-15 Views: 359

No detail is overlooked on the Jefferson Tufted Club Chair.


No detail is overlooked on the Jefferson Tufted Club Chair.

The Jefferson brown vaunted leather club chair lends old-world elegance and style to any lounge or study with its deeply diamond-tufted back and bronze-studded perimeter. The chocolate brown, bonded leather back and winged arms lend extra comfort, while the sturdy espresso-stained hardwood frame both complement the leather and add stability and strength. Its large, wide stance allows enough relaxing space for all shapes, sizes, and environments. The studded accents highlight this regal club chair's modern curves so that it fits beautifully into any room of your home. The Jefferson's commanding shape, combined with its rounded square, tufted-back design, and cushioned arms bring this chair to a whole new level of sophistication. We are confident that this chair will add an element of luxury, class, old-world style with a modern edge, and comfort to any environment, along with years of enjoyment and durability.