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Video: Brentwood Collection

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Brentwood Collection

Length: 1:15 Added: Jan-14 Views: 49901

Brentwood 3-pc Top Grain Leather Set


Brentwood 3-pc Top Grain Leather Set

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, I'm [? Karen Engh-- ?] furniture buyer for I'd like to tell you about the Brentwood Top Grain Leather Collection. Offering a perfect mix of style and comfort, the Brentwood 3-piece Top Grain Italian Leather Collection will add timeless luxury to one of the most important rooms in your home. With its signature blend of quality, value, and style, the Brentwood provides a contemporary look with plush comfort. This set includes a sofa, loveseat, and armchair. The premium made, exquisite, top grain Italian leather is applied to all seating areas and carefully dyed in a rich, dark brown color. Expertly built, this collection features hand-stitched details yielding exceptional quality. Please take note of the dimensions because the Brentwood is generous in size with deep seating and large frames. Kiln-dried hardwood support the solid frame which are foam encased to add padding and protect the leather around all areas. High density foams are used to provide added support and comfort for both the seat and back cushions. This collection invites you to a laid-back space every day. I'm [? Karen ?] [? Engh ?], and the Brentwood Top Grain Leather Collection is available at

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