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Video: Samsung 4K and 8K TV Lineup

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Samsung 4K and 8K TV Lineup

Length: 1:26 Added: Dec-18 Views: 715

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Explore premium QLED. All QLEDs are powered by quantum dots, that produce over a billion colors for a strikingly realistic picture. As you move up the QLED line, the picture gets better and better. The Q7DT and higher models introduce motion rate 240 for smooth motion during live sports and action movies. The Q8DT and above are engineered to reduce glare and provide a vibrant picture no matter where you sit. QLED 8k, Samsung's best of the best. All QLED 8k TVs elevate the viewing experience with 16 times the native of resolution of HGTV for mind blowing sharpness and depth. Samsung's most brilliant processor uses deep learning AI technology to upscale content, unleashing the full power of AK. These TVs are made for bigger screens, where jaw dropping details and resolution matter the most. Rethink what smart can do, with AI based content recommendations, the easy to use one remote, and so much more. As a top global brand with a history of quality, cutting edge innovations, and durability, Samsung is committed to elevating the TV viewing experience. See TV like never before. QLED, from Samsung.